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The AbdulAziz Bin Humaid Foundation, founded at the beginning of 2015, aims primarily to discover and empower young leaders who have the determination, creativity and ambition to participate in the personal and professional development of society in line with our ever-changing world.

Our vision focuses on the creation of a leading institution in a sustainable society that is based on innovative leaders. Thus, we are determined to move towards a promising future and a nation of young leaders armed with education, knowledge, skills and real values in order to prepare a major initiative-led generation that can build and raise our nation to its highest potential.

Thanks to Allah, the directives of our wise leadership and the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, the Foundation achieved these nonprofit goals in cooperation with Ajman Holding and other partners, by providing programs of excellence in leadership development and youth empowerment in the public and private sectors of all Gulf countries. The AbdulAziz Bin Humaid Program for Leadership Development spearheads these projects.

The Foundation adopts an approach based on the investment in young people and believes youth are the wealth of the nation and the light of the future. Therefore the state made investment in youth the main priority among many.

The AbdulAziz Bin Humaid Foundation has a futuristic vision of a world where innovation complements business, community safety and environmental sustainability, and where society and individual interests supersede all other considerations, and where leaders always seek cognitive development in practical life and in community activities.

We hope that the AbdulAziz Bin Humaid Foundation will be an effective way to achieve the aspirations of the youth and the leaders of our nation, especially in light of the attention paid by the Government of Ajman towards youth and their programs in service for our beloved emirate and our treasured country.

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