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A sustainable society driven by innovative leaders.

Foundation Mission:

Shaping and empowering emerging leaders, through experiential learning and balanced approach where participants unleash positive impacts in their communities creating innovative solutions recognised globally.

Foundation Values:

Determination We value determination as seen in a firmness of purpose and a self-starter attitude,
in order to practically drive ideas through to fruition
Innovation We value innovation by embracing debate and doing things differently, rather than
simply doing things better
Excellence We value excellence and view it as a moving target, pursued through integrity and
surpassing ordinary standards through effective and efficient methods
Respect We value respect by having due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others and
admiring others for their abilities, qualities and achievements regardless of race, colour,
gender or cultural orientation
Sustainability We value environmental and personal sustainability through incorporating
best-practice environmental conservation efforts and positive social, mental and
physiological practices in our decision making

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